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Clients ask for a quotation, according to their design. The client has to specify their finishes, hardware and the fabrics that the project will require.


Usually, fabrics are COM. If this is not the case, we will need to know the supplier and the specifications to elaborate a quotation for these requirements.


We develop a quotation based on a set of drawings and specifications provided by our client´s designer. This process takes about 7 days.


After the quotation has been approved, we will need a PO for a model room, if the client so request. Production of the model room takes about 4-6 weeks after drawings are approved.


We will need a PO and 50% deposit to star making detail drawings for the production process. These take about 5-10 days. Before we start producing, all drawings need to be approved by our client.


The production process takes about 10-12 weeks. During this time our clients have a constant update of the project. Prior to shipping, our client needs to balance the other 50% of the order.


The shipment usually takes 7 work days to arrive at the destination if it is in the USA. Within the shipment, there is a packing list and pictures of the shipment load. 

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