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This family-run business started producing furniture for the Mexican market back in 1986. From that year forward, we began to distribute inside and outside the country, and later on begun with hospitality furniture. The factory is located in the City of Durango in Northern Mexico. Our facility is equipped to handle large-scale fabrications. Vizcaya´s factory is just over 200,000 sq ft, with over 150 dedicated craftspeople willing to work together, to deliver a better product than what you expect.


Our goal is to meet the expectations of our client.  We distinguish ourselves with talented woodworking, extraordinary finishes, finest quality upholstery, ongoing communication throughout the process, and last but not least an on-time delivery. We embrace new challenges, we welcome your designs, drawings, and ideas, it's up to us to bring them to life!



With more than 30 years specializing in this industry, Vizcaya Concepts has the knowledge and resources to satisfy all your needs. Over the years, we have developed excellent working relationships with export companies, design firms, and hotel companies. We will give you unparalleled service, creating unique furniture according to your design with a variety of materials and finishes.

The level of commitment displayed by our staff is inspiring. The best way to appreciate this is to meet and speak with the second generation employees. Sons and daughters that now work side by side with their parents, practicing a craft and work ethic that has been passed down over the years. The only twist in this is, that the second generation is now programming the CNC equipment and calibrating the production lines. Technology is now a part of our everyday tasks. Our willingness to try new things and attention to detail make us a perfect source for Hospitality Furniture.



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